How to Fill in CHIDs for ACS1.2 Card (Irdeto)



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I try to program a GW card irdeto (ACS1.2), the receiver CA condition shows some information that I put, i.e. the card can be recognised, but the EMM & ECM show all 00 00.... I cannot get picture anyway. I use the PicV35 hex file and edited by Picbined and I put the pmk, pk only.

1) I get the channel ID e.g. FF DA, FF DB ... etc about 29 sets for forty something channels. However, in the Picbined editor the space to fill CHIDs is limited, so how can CHIDS be compltely fiiled? Does it need to be filled in good order?

2) Some people say depend on which irdeto hex file to be used, some files are is auto CHIDs, some need to fill two sets only and some need to fill all, how can hex files be identified which is which?

3) There also get "Date" to be fill in, what is it ? Is it the Date Stamp?

4) Can I get picture without fill in the HMK, Hexi Serial and Date? What is the minimum thing it need to be filled?



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I've yet to come across a goldwafer file that requires channel-ids to be entered. The software bypasses the channel-id authorisation. The exception is with respect to beacon channels - some Auto-update irdeto goldwafers require the receiver to be tuned to a particular channel in order that the respective provider's plainkey(s) be updated. In that case, one beacon channel is needed per provider, so a maximum of about a dozen on any given card (abnd these days there are far fewer than a dozen providers left using the unhacked Irdeto-v1).

Files usin beacon-channels are flagged as such in the associated readme files.

Dates are used to determine the maximum duration of the "subscription".