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How to find LNB position on Mutifeed holder

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I'm interested in receiving Astra 2D (28.2), Astra 1 (19.2) and Hotbird (13) with one dish. I decided to use a Gibertini 125cm with Multifeed holder having the center position aligned for Astra 2D because it's the weakest.
Can anyone of you tell me how far apart the LNB have to be placed on the Multifeed holder or how to calculate the right positions?

My location: north/east of Switzerland.


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I'm not convinced that there is any calculation available xband, it is more a case of suck it and see. Once youve lined up 28.2E, then put the 13E LNb in the bracket and tweak until you get a good signal, the 19.2E LNB should then sit between them, almost touching the 13E and will be fairly easy to align. You may have to do a little bracket bending to get the best final setup.