How to install BA and E2 in Flash.



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How to guide by BigStuff, not tested by me yet.

For those who are looking forward to install BA and E2 in Flash.

What you need is:
- USB stick
- AAF-TDT_60-SecondsV2_Flash
- barry-allen-UFS-910-E2-Packet33.tar.gz
- AAF-TDT_60-SecondsV2_OBI-BA_UFS910.rar
You can download the files in AAF site

1. Format a USB stick then plug it to the box.
(don't care about the partition name)
a. My config is: 16Go Sony, 6 partitions

2. Install AAF-TDT_60-SecondsV2_Flash, then reboot
(You can use KCC to flash)

3. Copy barry-allen-UFS-910-E2-Packet33.tar.gz in /tmp.
(You can use KCC to ftp the file in /tmp)

4. Put your box in StandBy

5. Run Telnet
a. killall rcS
b. killall enigma2
c. cd /tmp
d. tar -xzf barry-allen-UFS-910-E2-Packet33.tar.gz
e. cd ba
f. ./ install
g. Follow up the instructions.
(you can choose the partition where to install BA)
h. reboot and enjoy the BA Multiboot under Enigma2

Do this to enable multipart
1. cd /var/baroot/ba
2. ./ start_multipart ( type y to agree )
3. sync
4. Reboot

If you want to install additinal images on your box:
1. killall rcS
2. killall enigma2
3. ftp the image to install in /var/baroot/UFS_Images
4. sync
5. cd /var/baroot/ba
6. ./ e2ba_extract <Image name without tar.gz> <Image Alias Name>
7. Follow up the instructions. (When prompted, type in the ip_addr and gw)
8. Reboot and select the desired image on the bootscreen