How to patch Hyundai



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Put receiver on standby-mode, then disconnect receiver from the mains.

Connect the receiver through a nullmodem-cable with PC or laptop.


Load „SatEditorLite“ and set it to the correct Com-port under “option”.

Click on „Download Others(bin,hex)“ and load the bin/hex file (settings or

firmware!) that you want to put in the receiver.

On the left in SateditorLite it says:

serial initialize

Try to make connection…

Waiting Message from Satellite Receiver

When this message appears, you have 5 seconds to connect the receiver

to the mains! If it takes longer, you get the message „Connection fail with


Then you would have to repeat everything.

If you got the connection in time, on the lower part of SateditorLite a

progressbar appears. It takes about 3 minutes to download firmware.

After succesful download, the receiver displays the message “SUCC”.

Disconnect the receiver from the mains and reconnect it again.

This works in the same way for a channel settings file, but then taking

only about 20 seconds.


Should there be any communication error, then check your hardware and

software and repeat this procedure.