HTC’s Touch Diamond docks in

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Jun 26, 2007
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The iPod syndrome will likely be with us for many years to come. Words will have small letters before the capitals (the iGrape being my favourite so far) and everything will be made in ‘official iPod colours’ (ie white).
Well, perhaps not in the case of the HTC Touch Diamond. The phone itself is a lovely looking piece of kit, winning in the aesthetic stakes if not the technological ones. It’s the business phone for the businessman who isn’t afraid of wearing a linen suit every so often.
Therefore, it needs a decent array of accessories (obviously in the same colour and style to make sure everyone knows you like your gadgets ‘just-so’) and the HTC Touch Diamond dock (you see what they did there?) is a similarly lovely-looking piece of kit.
You know you’ve looked at the Touch Diamond and felt the need to sync the phone via USB, while listening to your favourite tunes via a headphone socket.
The question is: are you willing to cough up £25 for the trouble? If not, you could always spend your weekends varnishing a piece of slate, cut a hole in it and stick a wire in the back. Nobody would know the difference.