HTC brings out Touch Diamond big brother

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Jun 26, 2007
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Considering the company has only been operating as an out and out phone manufacturer for less than two years, HTC have made a habit of bringing out decent devices.

The new HTC Touch Pro is essentially a beefed up business version of the Touch Diamond, whose looks had the media going somewhat gaga when announced last month.

The Touch Pro adds a full five line QWERTY keyboard to the device, as well as increasing battery life to eight hours' talk time and two days' standby (Though probably if you switch it to the lowest power mode and stand very still), thanks to a 1350 mAh battery.

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The device also will handle all your media gubbins, from photos to video with surprisingly intuitive ease, although it doesn’t pack the same 4GB internal storage of its Diamond little brother.

However, this is fixed by a MicroSD slot, allowing you to boost the capacity cheaply.

HSUPA is also included, for hi-speed up- and download speeds if you’re into that kind of thing. If you’re a YouTube fanatic, then the device has an HTC designed interface, as well as the natural Google Maps and other apps we love to see everywhere these days.

GPS and WiFi are also included, so the phone seems nice and feature rich. The price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but expect it to be more than the £400 quoted for the Touch Diamond.

TechRadar contacted HTC, but there’s no word on which networks will be carrying the device as yet. Expect it in your pocket this summer (as long as you buy it, it won’t just materialise there.)