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HTPC Using Satelite

My Satellite Setup
none yet
My Location
The Netherlands
Hi all,

im going to be making my self a HTPC this month i was wondering if you guys can tell me what i need for this.

of course its obvious that i need the standard pc hardware but i was thinking of using this HTPC to connect my satelite to. i have a satelite disk with two LNB's.

could you guys please tell me which hardware i could use to make this possible. Im also looking for software which i will need to make this possible. ive read something about the gemini project and i understand its a linux distribution which can do this. But is there any windows software that can get me up and running too? ultimately i would like to be viewing the satelite channels free of charge i understand this is possible by using a cam emulator or so ???

anyways i hope u can help this noob out here :D