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When channels move it mucks up the channel list and often searching for a channel will not find it because its already in the list but under the name of a channel that previously used that frequency. So I have three questions:-

1) How do you completely wipe the channel list in order to start a new service search from scratch in order to get rid of all the incorrectly named or empty channels without having to go through the whole list manually deleting and renaming?

2) Is there any good software available to make editing channels easier on this model?

3) On Humaxs site theres a Version 3. I downloaded it onto my laptop but dont know how to upload onto the reciever. Its not the same process as uploading the normal software. Oh and erm what does Version do?:confused

And while I am on the subject anyone know what to set the baud rate at when uploading onto this reciever from a laptop?


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1. go thru the menu and into service organising and delete all satellites, deleting the whole satellite is a lot quicker than the individual channels. then just search again.
2. humbox is a good channel editor for humax.
if you use 'humbox' editor and also download a recent full channel list, then you could organise all your channels on your pc and delete the ones you dont want before sending them to your receiver (thru a null modem cable), its pretty straight forward.
if you were to do this then there would be no need to delete the other unwanted channels as they would be overwritten.
null modem cables are available for about 6 quid.