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Humax 5400 new upgrade



There is a new upgrade HIC 1.01.00 but when I try and upgrade the same to my patched Humax it won't upload. I have a loader version L2.07 and as per the humaxdigital sight it should be a minutes job. DEAR 2old or any one else can give some info.
Second quetion. How do I know that my Humax is patched or not.


You have probably figured it out yourself, but in case if
you did not go to www.humfree.de , download
the latest all cam patch, version 2.4 at the moment
(dir. link http://www.humfree.de/humfiles/HIC-10110PHplusCAM-2.4.ZIP )
It works with all software/loader versions.
To see if your stb's been patched go
to STB status menu and if you see letter 'p' after software version - it's been patched.
When you patch it with HIC-10110PHplusCAM-2.4.ZIP it
will say '1.01.10p+cam2.4' or something like it.
Remember, you can now watch Seca and Via programs using your
Humax 5400 irdeto cam! :-)))
Greetz to all!