Humax 5400 Upgrade



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Are you incredibly board? Do you have too much time on you hands? Well read on...

1) Install cooling fan in Humax 5400 (wired to get 12 volts from the 0/12 volt switch on the back of the Humax). I used one from an old 486 cpu.
2) Edit firmware with (via HDFtool and a good hex editor) so that the option "0/12 volt switch" reads "Funky Fan!".
3) Upload firmware.
4) Now, whenever you go to "Funky Fan!" in the humax reciever menu, and turn it on, the fan purs into life. If it gets too loud coz the TV is at a low volume, you can just turn it off.

Believe it or not, when I did this it was actually usefull and worthwhile. The reciever that was stored in a closed cabinet with no airflow, which caused the caps in the PSU to blow. My mate was well impressed, and bought me a crate of beer. Mmmmmmm. has details on how to edit firmware (follow insructions for translating language).

PS Wierd-arse checksums on recent planet hemp patches have caused stage 2 to fail for me before now! I suggest trying to upload the firmware *before* you try and put a fan in.