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Humax and viaproblems



Maybe I bougth the wrong reciver to watch viaacess on sirius 3.
I have the patched 5400 2.08 and the Elvis prog and both gold and funcards. The only file so far that the humax seems to accept is the Irvito file and there dont seems to be much update on that file ...maybe i havent found the right source?
But cant I edit other files into the irvito format? Allcam format..or can I do somthing with te humax to easier accept via files?

Im kind of stucked right now ...dont know were to go.
Only you guys know ...so drop me a line...THANKS


Regular Member
If you're having trouble with Irvito, perhaps try and dig out a "ViaHumax" file from somewhere- they come (or came) with an editor which works in the normal way.