Humax (CI-5100) receiver and 'refreshing' channels



Hi folks,

I am sure one of you will be able to help me with a small quandary. I have a Humax receiver which is "connected" to Astra and Hotbird. When it was installed, all the stations for each were downloaded and stored.

Now, it's time I did a refresh (but, of course, I can't find the instruction book). I have just (or so I thought) updated the channels from Astra, but it has ADDED stations and doesn't seem to have replaced the ones that were there before. It's almost as if I needed to delete all the Astra ones first and then refresh the list.

BUT, the only delete I can find, is to delete individual stations (and I am NOT going to delete them all one-by-one).

Any suggestions??

Many thanks

Phil G
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Looks like its time you invested in a Nul-Modem Cable, and downloaded some software so that you can update you channel list via your PC.

Details can be found at:

or join the humax-users group at yahoo - when it come back on line again.


W Hole