Humax/Diseqc 1.2 setup?



Just replaced my Hyundai with a Humax 5500. Have a STAB mount driving 1m dish. AFAIK the Humax should be able to control this with Diseqc 1.2 however I'm slightly puzzled by the Humax interface and setup instructions. With the dish positioned on Hotbird (with my old Hyundai) the instructions say choose sat on Humax and in "Installer" mode do a "reset". Then changing "Hotbird" to "Motorised" and doing a "Goto" should do the trick. This moves the dish elsewhere though - it seems to like 5E for some reason!!

Any ideas or better instructions onsetting up a Humax with Diseqc? I'd have thought a reference point was needed - then again the Hyundai was so good that the Humax may not be that complicated but compared to the Hyundai a bit tricky it seems.

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Humax receivers should have no problems with DiSeqC motors, but there is an installer and user menu within the dish positioning system, the installer mode is where you can set limits, and store positions - try masterclearing the machine fully before starting

My question would be why change the Hyundai ?


Thanks - I seem to have got it up and running after reading a guide that came with a channel listing - no idea why it worked but it seemed to. After cursing the Hyundai I/F it's way better than the Humax one. The Hyundai is a great receiver but I needed reliable Crytpoworks and the Humax 5500 has that plus CI slots. The RGB pic quality on the Humax is also way better from initial observations and has digital out. I ran a Humax 5510 as a 2ndary receiver for quite a while but would rather have 1 box than 2. The 5500 was also pretty cheap ;-)