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I have an early example of the first generation Humax Foxsat HDR and in recent months the OK button and the Programme Up and Down buttons on the Remote Telecommander have been somewhat hit and miss in operation.

Seems to be a common problem for this Remote (RM-F01) and replacements can be got for ten quid - but they don't have the rather vital Schedule Button.

Decided instead to make-do and mend, so I dived into the unenviable task of separating the two halves of the casing using a set of Jewellers Screwdrivers and some Prayers.

Wasn't actually too difficult and I managed not to destroy any of the hidden clips.

Removed battery clips, then lifted out the PCB and the keypad.

Much gentle scrubbing with a few drops of kitchen cream cleaner and some paper roll got rid of contamination of the contact areas for the keys.

Sponged off all the dandruff, skin flakes, chocolate and other rogue elements from the casing and all its crevices.

Dried everything thoroughly with SWMBO's hair dryer and reassembled.

Like new! Buttons now work consistently and reliably with minimal pressure.

The job's a good 'un!