Humax iCord Evolution -



Borrowed an iCord Evolution (HMS-1000) from Humax for testing.
Any experience, thoughts to share etc?

I'm thinking primarliy wrsp to tuner sensitivity, general flexiblity with multiple LNBs etc.
Secondarily wrsp to using as media-center, e.g. with DLNA streaming etc.

It's for the German-speaking market, so the German channels are defaulted on channels 1-99.
Scanning 28.2E puts then found transponders on 100 upwards.
So far works really well, found 700 channels or so (including all the Sky stuff and test TPs etc)
EPG is limited to present-following, as it does not do Freesat data.

It has an interesting tuner configuration: 4 discrete tuners, but only two LNB inputs (!)

Anyone has experience living with the box?