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Humax irci 5400z Help needed !!


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As you can see above I have a Humax 5400z that is patched and working. You will also see that I am new to this game and would like some help it getting all the channels I can get up and running !!.
I am living in Germany and I did manage to get a load of PPV channels from both Germany & Holland. The smart card I have been using is a Prussain Galaxy (if that makes any sense??).I used to get all the channels uploaded on to the card but that stopped after they changed the codes a while ago. Since then I have been watching all the free channels, and have now decided to see if I can crack the box myself.
I have read that I should connect my Humax to the PC with a Null modem Cable and after that I am very much in the dark. Is it at all possible to unscramble all of the channels on the box or has that got something to do with the smart card.
I do not have a cam+ or other fancy things, just my PC, the box and cables


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Check out HUMAX section @ toecutters & u will find all you need. No other cams or cards needed.