I need help understanding the Magic CAM

I have a Magic CAM which has worked well for the past few months but a week or so ago it stopped working with Miltivision. "Ah Ha" I thought, I need to re-programme it so I bought an Infinity USB with a couple of Fun6 cards and managed to download the appropriate files and seem to have loaded them onto a card.

I assumed I would just have to insert this Fun card into the Magic CAM card slot and it would re-programme itself but no, I couldn,t be that lucky, when I do this there is no change in the channels received. Am I being daft to think it would be that easy?

Next I thought I could load codes straight into the CAM via the receiver ( a Force 1122S) but I cannot get a screen display to input the data.

You can probable tell from this that I am a novice when it comes to CAMS & Cards & I think a little knowledge may have been a dangerous thing.

Can anyone help put me on the right track please,


Malcolm H