I need some help with my ss2 and getting taquilla and/or cyfra+ to work

Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole sat "scene" and I have a ss2 in my pc. I had it installed by a man, and since he installed it, the only thing I updated was the s2emu. I'm sure there are other things I need to update but I have no idea what/how

So far I've been watching mostly tps on hotbird (i can understand french so it's not a problem) but I'm in dying need of english programming. I know Cyfra+ has many double audio tracks, so I've been dying to try it but I never got it to work.

My friend told me today at school that someone came to his house and was able to get Taquilla to work. He said he got many ppv channels and even some soccer channels like Milan ch, Inter ch , etc... He has a decoder on his tv though, not an ss2 like me. I've been trying all afternoon to get Taquilla to work but the only thing I got was some screen on Taquilla 2 that had an Image of the Kill Bill poster and some dates on it.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this to work? What I need to update/download etc.

I'm currently runing progdvb version 4.26.4 as the guy who installed it on my pc said that it is the most stable version for now. I would call this man for help on getting cyfra and taquilla to work, but I'm currently living in Croatia and don't speak Croatian, and this man has a hard time speaking in English or Italian.

Thanks a lot for your help, it will certainly be apreciated


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If you go to _www.dvb.lv and download the latest version of S2emu (version 1.12 posted by MarS1) dated today, Jan 20th it will contain all the files you need. They all go in the ProgDVB root directory. It should contain 6 S2 .bin files, 3 other bin files (EEP, RAM and ROM), the S2emu.ini file, a s£ca2.cfg file, and an updated S*ftcam.k*y file.

There are 30 PPV Pr!ma F!la movie channels on the Sly Ital!a package open on 13E aswell.
That's all you need.