I Refuse to pay for sky subscription... what are my choices?

Hello everyone.
I am in danger of sounding very ignorant so excuse my lack of knowledge. I absolutely refuse to line murdochs pockets with my hard earned. I have free view which gives average spread of channels. Could I further increase my viewing by purchasing a satellite dish and receiver, without paying any subscription. Ie would I be able to get a free sports channel, and channels such as discovery etc etc. Could I use an analogue setup? Years ago I setup a dish and receiver and aligned it fairly easily, and think I could get eurosport? Is this possible today? I dont want to harp on about mr murdoch, but I simply shake my head when the likes of my mum pay over £40 per month to watch endless advertising and shoddy trash tv. I dont mind trashy TV but dont want to pay for the priveledge. Help gratefully recieved.


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There are lots of things you can do, if you are happy with just Eurosport and a lot of German language programming, then an analogue receiver and 60cm dish pointing at 19.2E will suffice.

If you want more and in English, then there are very few legitimate or guaranteed methods, 1W for instance, has programming aimed at the Scandinavian market and much of it still carries the English language sound track. Problem is that you cannot legitimately buy a subscription, you would need someone in that zone to buy it for you.

Have a look in the other encryptions and Digital Systems forum, there is a lot of information about what is available and what equipment you need to view it.

If yiu have a Desktop PC, you may want to look at the PC Card forum, there are even more options in there.

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Discovery is at present free to air (along with the History Channel) on Turksat at 42E.

Most music channels can be found on other satellites above the UK.

A lot of the temporary feeds if stored in memory will give you access to a lot of the sports.

You will find that for your needs, a motorised system will give far more flexibility than a fixed dish with multiple LNBs.