i want to finally crack mp3 please help.


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I have a pc 128ram
1 cdrw LITE ON 48x12x48x
20 gig harddrive

I have cleaned and polished all my cd's
I want to convert them to mp3 on my harddrive
I have download so many mp3 coverters / encoders. I am totally bemused which one i need to do a simple.

I want to convert my cds to mp3 . I want to do it at least x4 speed or above. Which software will do this. must be FREE!


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There is a load of free conversion software Shahid, you'll find much of it on www.tucows.com, what I would suggest though, is a memory upgrade on your computer, you really need at least half a Gigabyte for these type of jobs, and it is pretty cheap at the moment.


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Also when you find an encoder check the bitrate it encodes at.

For true ‘near CD’ quality you should really use 192kbits/sec (or higher). 128k is about ‘average’ quality, don’t go below that unless you absolutely have to.

At 192k a 5 min track will be just under 7MB, how much hard drive space and how many CDs do you have?

Also, I know it’s not free, but I use Easy CD-DA Extractor, once you get the hang of it it’s a very useful application. Also if you are resourceful the $30 registration isn’t an issue ;)


As Rolf says you should look at getting some more RAM, the processor speed is also important in how fast it will convert. Anything above 300mhz or so should do 4x. My old P3 450 did about 6-8x.