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Idiots Guide Needed


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hi all,

sittin in the pub one day i realised, that if i had a hangover and couldnt go to the pub to watch saturday footie wouldnt it be good to have it available in the house.

im now on a mission to do this. the only thing is i know nothing about satellites.

from the limited research ive done....i have decided to get the new force STB with the 2 CI cams and the conax and viacess cams.

thats where im lost. i know i have to get some kind of generic card and program it.

but the question is -----what kind of card do i get and how do i go about programming it.

also what is the craic with hex files?

i know this will all be childsplay to you genuises out there............so ill thank you all in advance.

help very much appreciated.


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Do-not watch football myself, but as far as the Cams are concerned I think you may be better of with one of the newer all singing all dancing ( well nearly) Cams like Dragon or MR these seem to clear a number of channels carring football.
Use dragon cam myself Cam and Dynamite programmer for same cost me £135 from one of the den sponcers. It clears a load of channels including film ect:, with out the need of a card apart from the loader card that is supplied with it. You need as large a motorised dish as you can get away with to take full advantage of this hoby.