Idiots guide to receiving HC mature content in UK


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Is there an idiots guide / FAQ to receiving HC mature content via satellite in the UK? I have read some articles both here and elsewhere but Im sorry to say I have no idea where to even begin! The only thing I have been able to pick up s that my Sky Digital cant do it and I need to buy other "bits"........:confused :confused :confused :confused

Anyway, basically the main requirement is I want to be able to receive Spice Platinum but I also potentially would like to be able to receive other HC channels now and in the future so I need flexibility in any solution I look at.

I would like to know what hardware I need to be able to do it and an idea of costs and reputable suppliers in East Mids if possible.


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Spice Platinum

On 5 East, for now in Viaccess 1, and therefore available with a 1.2m dish full time, 80cm dish for about 12 hours a day , and a Viaccess Cam and suitable Card

For getting others, TV1000 on the same satellites puts out a single film 6 days a week. The same dish if fully motorised will get you a number of other satellites, and there are many of these that put out free to air stuff that may be interesting, Hispasat, Hot bird and Astra. An embedded Viacces CAm opens up possibilities of Multivision and maybe XXL. Then theres the possibility of going for a multicam system which gives access to a number of other channels with dodgy content.