'iLoo' story a load of BS, says Microsoft HQ



Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, headquarters is denying that the company is developing a portable toilet with broadband internet access, and that the widely reported ‘iLoo’ is a hoax put out by its UK unit.

The iLoo story came from a press release from the company’s internet division in the UK, and was duly reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Manchester Guardian, Reuters and, Europemedia, amongst other news outlets.

"This iLoo release came out of the UK office and was not a Microsoft sanctioned communication and we apologise for any confusion or offence it may have caused," a Microsoft spokeswoman said yesterday.

The UK division had said that the company was developing a port-a-pottie with a keyboard, adjustable plasma screen and wi-fi internet access that toilet-goers would be able to use as they...ah, went about their business. The company had said that it was to trial the service at England’s infamous music festivals this summer.