Immediate Future.

I am considering buying a Humax IRCI5400 receiver and would like some advice. Is this a good time to purchase equipment like this. I am new to this field and am happy to admit that i know nothing other than gold cards unlock something and that D2MAC is dead.

I have browsed these forums over the last few days and i wonder if there is a future for the card/cam access system. It seems that all satellite companies are changing to new encryption systems that are not hacked IrdetoII etc.

My basic question is what could i be able to access and for how long? What channels can i get?

Thank you for your tolerence of my ignorance!


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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Unfortunately the What and for how long is a constantly changing list Skullface.

I would defer buying a receiver for a short while and see what happens. The days of the goldcard are ending and even the basic funcard may be on the decline, as newer and bigger capacity cards come along, also many of the new CAMs have potential for cardless operation.