IMPORTANT!!! For Whom Having 3620 Strong Receivers. Unlucking Multivisions & Frenchs'



Judas Priest
My Satellite Setup
IClass Receiver
2 Premium X LNBs Hotbird+ Nilesat
120" Dish

Computer system:
AMD Phenom Quad quad core 9750
4GB DDR2 Bus 800 RAM
MB: Asus Crosshair
1 TB Seagate Barracuda 32 MB cache
22" LCD Widescreen Samsung 226BW
SB X-Fi Xtreme
My Location
Armenia, ME: The Arab Countries
Dear all,

I've found a way to unluck the Multivisions & The French channels including the Eurosport2.

This is the way of making succeess:

1) Choose one of those channels.
2) Now select the menu. (The normal Menu of the Receiver)
3) Now, select instaletion
4) And Then Information.
5) There's a red key at the bottom of your remote control. Press it till you've it on Viaccess.
6) Press enter. (the blue circle in the midle of your remote.
7) you'll see a window appearing. Press O.K.
8)Now exit from all menues and select the channel.
9) from the remote control press the 8282 numbers. An editing box will appear.
10) Change the HEX key of each channel by pessing the green key.
11) You'll have the picture on you're screen after 6 or 7 times pressing the green key for each channel.

Important Note :
1) You need to change the hex keies for each channel.
2) Maybe you can try it on other strong models. I'm not sure and won't guarantee anything.

In case you have a question mail me to: