In-ceiling speakers appear

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Jun 26, 2007
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Niche IT solutions and support company Lears has added Decous Audio and Morel to its in-ceiling speaker range.
Decous Audio specialise in supplying equipment to restaurants, hotels, bars and large modern homes – anywhere where there’s a need for in-ceiling speaker technology.
Speaker rigs can be ordered in three different designs, allowing them to be used in multitude of spaces and configurations. In addition all speakers feature adjustable directional design, Vibration Control System (VBS) to reduce internal vibration, and Back wave Elimination design (BWE) to eliminate audio back waves inside the housing.
No leakage
Decous Audio’s SA-4R and SA-4S units are capable of up to 92dB/W/m & 80 watt power handling. The multi-unit coaxial speaker design covers a wide frequency range from 90 Hz up to 20 kHz within 3dB. Prices range from £300 + VAT each for the SA-1 to £900 + VAT for the SA-4L and SA-4S respectively.
Morel’s Harmony Architectural In-Wall range features a number of easily fitted, steel enclosed, sealed speakers that prevent sound leakage while remaining tiltable. The Morel HD-20 (£180) & SD-20 (£260) can handle up to 120W & 200W peak loading respectively. There’s also a Harmony Subwoofer in the range that goes as low as 22Hz.