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info Ci modul irdeto all cam

My Location

I would like to know if with the nokia 9800s the modul irdeto 4.7 works well and the freecam 2.018. It is I could decrypter the chainel zeetv which is there irdeto2 with the modul irdeto 4.7se.

How as it is could recognize a module irdeto2 and it is that shall work if I apply the freecam 2.018 to module irdeto2 to decode encoding following on my nokia 9800s: Viaecce, irdeto, irdeto2, seca, cryptowork, nagra etc....

If it is yes, I shall like knowing how to proceed for patch my modul irdeto1 or irdeto2 and how to return behind in case of problem with the version original of the software.