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Installation pricing

Hi All,

Can anyone give me a price for an installation in the Bordon Hants area (UK).

I need three prices so I can commit myself to a final solution as currently have an old sky analogue dish I am removing (wasn't connected):
1. Price for alignment only to Hotbird (both fixed and motorised)
2. Installation of motorised system and alignment
3. Installation of new dish and alignment to hotbird.

Cabling will be in place, it's the pointing and possible mounting of the dish I want prices for.



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Bordon is just a bit further than I would like to travel unless it was a confirmed half days work.
You dont say what kit you have, nor the size of dish.
Have you an idea of the amount of arc your dish would find ?

But prices on options would be roughly as follows

Actuator system - four wire
£125 -£140 plus any materials outside what you already have , including travel.

DiSEqC system - single wire - £140 - £160 plus materials (setting up takes slightly longer to get perfect)