installing,jager Smo 36 dual axis system,any tips,and hints?



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1,25 Fibostop
Jäger Smr 1224 & Smo 36 Dual Axsis Motor
Dynasat F1
Monterey 140
Drembox 800
sky Pace HD Box
Tagra 2,20 M Fullsize Dish
Echostar 2,40m Mesh for cband!
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on ,this weekend,i want,to begin,to setup my 2,40 mesh antenna,on the roof,the jager smo 36 dual axis motor,is now setup!

now,i want to know,how to setup the dual axis motor right,that,the antenna works,on all satelites,without moving,elavation,on normal motoreized systems,10 e,is the highest satelite,but on dual axis,there is difrent formula

my diseqec cordinates are 47.9N and 9.0E

what,satelite,should,i need now,for the highest,in the south,to find,the right declination formula,for my place?

on my fibo 1,25,i only have the gibertini mount,not orginal fibo,dont find one,and,also have the problem here,with smr 1224, signal very good between 28,5 and 8 w,but then,i need montery 140,to corect the elavation,strengly,the smr 1224 blocks,at 68 east,without reason,i remove ,all limits,have nothing,in the way,but antenna,stops,
so ,iam always,in war,with dual axis system,hope,i have more luck,with my new setup for,the cband antenna!
but,what satelite,should i point first,declination?

thx,for your help,never asebled,this kind,of big dish before,maybe,some motor/cband,expert,can help me?
thanx alot,until then,and good night!

now,i waiting for jager vbox 3,or is it,also posible ,to conect,smo 36,that is much stronger,then smr 1224,to Echostar dvr 7000 also,where,i must conect,the 5.wire,is it sensor,or phase?