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BBC Scotland Investigates, 2016: 4. How Safe Is My School?

On School building collapses in Scotland. My interest stemmed initially from a similar failure of an outer wall of the college I attended in Plymouth in 1986.

Company involved in Scotland was Miller Construction, taken over by Galliford Try in a position of responsibilty and the fixes to the buildings.

Edinburgh schools PPA scandal could result in court action

A quick look at one current directorship in the latter business is enlightening

Martin Cooper

Martin COOPER - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Bringing it closer to home, Galliford is just up the road from here in Uxbridge, and have been involved in school building for years

A bit more about the 'deal'.

All 17 schools were part of a £360 million deal between Edinburgh City Council and ESP under the then Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme launched in 2001 by the Labour government of Tony Blair. ESP effectively built and owned the schools, renting them back to the city council under a lucrative long-term contract. ESP originally included Miller Construction and Amey Asset Services.

Unsafe Edinburgh schools expose scandal of privatisation - World Socialist Web Site

Completing the circle , the appointments of David John Miller. Sounds familiar.

Political Dogma – Scottish Private Finance Project Awards 2000 -2003 – Here are the Facts of the Debacle Damm the Labour Party

Fourth Amey boss quits after 300 jobs are axed

David John MILLER - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Check out the latter section of page 2 and page 3.........

My continued interest ?

Chris Webster | LinkedIn

Miller chalks-up £48m of school wins in South East | Construction Enquirer
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