Internet video to be subtitled?

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Jun 26, 2007
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Web video is on the rise in America. In fact, more than half of all US internet users watch it, and with broadband services getting faster the quality of the video is only going to get better.
That is why Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, is backing a bill he believes will “ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind as technology changes.”
The bill would see a complete overhaul of internet video, with major TV networks made to add audio descriptive tracks and subtitles to the video they stream on the internet.
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Even if the bill were to get passed, it would not count for amateur-upload sites like YouTube. It would be for the main television broadcasters who stream their TV content over the internet.
At the moment NBC is one of the only main US networks to subtitle its internet video streams.
It’s not just the internet, either that would be affected, but any video-streaming device such as mobile phones. Though with the screens being so small, the logistics of this is certain to cause the TV networks a few headaches.