"Invalid cam" sometimes....is this normal?


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i have MR 1.055 3 days ago , and i already initialized the cam succesfully in my humax 5100 , and watching channels with no problem

BUT SOMETIMES i got a message " invalid cam" and black screen after 6 to 7 hours of keeping the cam inside the receiver!!!!

what i do is,,, switch off the receiver and wait 3 minutes then switch on again , then the MR working fine again for some hours.

Also i notice the "initialization module" come on the screen from time to time even if i watch a FTA channel

Anyone can advise me please , is that normal ??? is somebody else have the same problem (on humax or echostar or nokia ......or anyother receiver)?

Is my MR cam is a fake one" or the problem is related to a software 1.055 and will be modified at future?

is it wrong to keep the cam inside the receiver long time (overnight)?

Thanks for all guys here


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If you are not using the receiver it is probably better to at least put it into standby, as the CAM can get very warm. There are a few quirks in the MR software, as there are with most of the other multicams, I have to reset mine occasionally and it also resets on its own occasionally.