iPhone poll favours improved camera

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Jun 26, 2007
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We all know that internet polls are about as reliable as a flat-pack company delivery man, but the latest iPhone poll on MSN Tech & Gadgets appears to have unveiled some bizarre quirks in public opinion.
The poll aks what people would need to see change with the iPhone before they'd be willing to part with their hard-earned cash. Almost inevitably, the runaway leader is 'lower price', followed by 'a wider range of networks'.

Not 3G
Bizarrely, the number three improvement that people voted for isn’t the much called-for 3G – something that is widely expected to make a real-life appearance come the summer months, but a better camera.
Now, one of the criticisms of the current iPhone is its less-than-stellar 2MP camera, which falls a long way short of LG’s Viewty, for example.
But it’s something of a surprise that a not inconsiderable 11% of over 2,000 voters suggest that a better camera might actually push them to pick up Apple’s baby.
MB or MP?
That’s a full per cent higher than the 3G option which has garnered 10% of the vote, and streets ahead of the normally popular ‘other category’.
It remains to be seen if a better camera is really that high up the iPhone desired list – but MSN’s audience appear to favour the thrifty over the nifty, and the megapixels over megabytes or downloads.