Irdeto Cam Problems



A couple of days ago, my season interface stopped working. Not because of the keys are wrong or anything, but season can not communicate with serial port. I replaced the 232 chip thinking that might be faulty. Nothing happend, I replaced the 7407 nothing happened, I checked the cables and everything. Checked the the little 22Mf capacitors they are fine. Then what is wrong!
I even reprogrammed my freecam with 018, in case of anything is wrong with it. When I swicth to emu mode on it works. Can it be the smartcard interface of the cam. I opened the CAM checked if the smartcard existance switch working. It does. When I go to the freecam2-018 status option it says "No card". Does it say that because it doesn't recognize the card. I don't have any working smartcards to try, just season. Any ideas.