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Jan 1, 2000
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I am confused with how the FreeCam2 works.

I know that it can emulate a Viaccess, Seca, and other encryption besides IRDETO v1. How does it really work.

If I want to use a Viaccess programmed card in it what should I set the CAM to in the Goodies option. I tried various files for Viacess besides DS9 and never got any program with it.

I read about remote updating of codes using remote and going to the Parental control menu but I cannot enter codes there.

My receiver (Fortecstar) is set for a default code of 1002. When I change that both the codes can be used on locked channels.

What does All ECM ON mean and what is the other selection in ECM which can be changed from IRDETO to Seca, Viaccess, Via/SECA, SECA/Via, MTV..., Custom1, etc. (What are these options please)

I was using the EMU option ON and watched Nova till it was available on IRDETO v1. The OFF option told me insert a card and that too worked for me on an autoupdate card.

Now to watch CNN and BBC which is on Viaccess, I have no luck.

Anyone who could answer my questions - Please.



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Jan 1, 1999
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The FreeCAM2 does NOT emulate Mediaguard or Viaccess. It can only emulate Irdeto/Betacrypt. If you switch the EMU=ON (emulator on) then it will ONLY give access to Irdeto/Betacrypt channles (and only to those whose currently active plainkeys are in the CAM)

What it DOES do with respect to the other systems is propogate the control messages to whatever card is inserted, instead of effectively blocking non-Irdeto control messages. At least, it does if you set EMU OFF.
It is then down to the software on the inserted card to apply the decryption algorithms and necessary keys.

You also need to understand that most multiple-encryption filesets were created for the patched Humax5400, not for the FreeCAM2. Some work, some don't. A recent fileset called "rapsac viadeto" has been released that should work on a normal goldwafer in a FreeCAM (but again it was actually created for the Humax).
I posted links earlier this evening on this board (keys forum: ).

Exacrly how the remote-update feature works (if there is any) should be described in the fileset you downloaded. It is not the same for every fileset or or every receiver. But perhaps you are confusing the remote-update feature inherent io the "hex files" with that used for updating plainkeys in the FreeCAM...? The later is an option of the FreeCAM menu and not of the parental control menu.

The meaning of ECM/etc has been discussed rcently on this board. Locate those posts using the search function.