Irdeto licenses Cloakware software



Irdeto Access licenses Cloakware Corporation’s software protection technology to optimize its software-based content security. The agreement allows Irdeto Access to offer an additional layer of security on top of its already proven content security solutions, thereby providing a choice of solutions to suit various business needs for network operators.
Certain market situations require software-based conditional access (CA) technology that needs the same security level as hardware based CA, in particular in the Telco IPTV and two-way cable environments. Irdeto Access has nearly forty years of experience in providing proven content security to pay-media operators worldwide. The additional security tools provided by Cloakware optimize content protection for software-based environments and complement Irdeto Access’ robust software-based solution.

“Working together with Cloakware, we have yet further fortified our software-based content security solution that complements our state-of-the-art hardware-based solutions. Cloakware offers the best application currently available to protect code used in our software solution,” said Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto Access. “We take pride in offering our customers a choice of diverse business models to ensure that they gain maximum revenue out of their content.”

Software-based content security applied in networks that are two-way enabled eliminates the need for smart cards as the security elements can be updated at any time. This further simplifies the operational deployment of Irdeto Access’ content security solutions.

Source: Irdeto Access