Irritating pixellation problem



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Hi all. I have an Echostar DCB 2110 2Ci receiver that I used to use to great effect with a good old gold wafer card... sadly (apart from absat & a few others) those days are gone... I have an 80cm dish, 2 Universal LNB's and I run 2 cables down to my receiver to plug into the 2 connectors there. The dish is pointed at Hotbird (well it was 2 years ago!) as the signal is a bit weaker and the other LNB is offset to pick up Astra 19.2.

Anyhow, being able to understand German pretty well, I occasionally delve into the German channels available on Hotbird 13 and Astra 19.2. I have noticed recently that some channels are virtually unwatchable due to pixellation and drop-outs - almost like when there's a really heavy thunderstorm, but this happens in the clearest of conditions. Thought it might be happening only on vertical channels but it also happens on horizontal ones too.

I put this down to the dish moving over the years and resolved to realign "one day". however, I turned on the "problem channels" again the other day and noticed they were clear as crystal... Then after surfing for a bit, I noticed they had gone all pixellated and were dropping out again! Then, after watching a few more other channels for a few minutes, I happened to go back over one of the troubled channels again and it was once again crystal clear!

And so it goes on... it seems like there is an as yet unfathomable combination of channels I have to view first to be able to see the troubled channels clearly... almost like some "auto fine tune" is going on and knocking the receiver out of kilter... But more than half the channels on there are absolutely fine... so I just don't understand. If it was an alignment problem, surely ALL channles would be dodgy?

Any hints, anyone?