Is Dreambox 7025 worth it, why not others, considering all the headache !



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I am interested in dreambox 7025 for the dual -tuner functionality, allowing recording of one channel while watching another on the same satellite. I am just wondering, if after settings up with an appropriate image, whether others can use the box without having to know much about it - just power it up and watch TV - is this possible? I should not need to be around just to get others to watch TV.
With DM 7025, is recording one channel and watching another straightforward, say with gemini image?
Do you get extra channels without too many hassles?
These are questions pondering my mind, hoping things can be made clearer by someone.
I know DM 7020 has more support, but if I can get that little bit extra with Dreambox 7025, that will be fine by me.
Why not other twin-tuner satellite models, why dreambox?


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Hi omo99

The real question you should ask is how reliable is the dreambox 7025?
I bought my dreambox last year and back then money was no object.
I contacted plenty of satellite dealers here in the UK.
All of the dealers I contacted strongly advised on the purchase of the dreambox 7020.
I myself would have purchased the 7025,as there was not much difference in price.
As far as I could tell Dream have a very good reputation with the 7020,but not with the 7025.
There is probably plenty of other reasons also,esp with software.
The choice is yours,but some might say if its twin tuners you want then use a relook as its cheaper.
The relook build quality might be questionable,compared to the dreambox though.
I am no expert on this and it might be worth checking this relook receiver out.
Your question extra channels without too many hassles?
A bit hard to answer this all depends how you use this box I suppose.
These linux based satellite receivers can be used to cardshare.
Sorry I do not know too much about this.
My advice is do not post anything in regards to cardshare in the forum.
Most satellite forum sites would ban you.
Use your search button or google,you may find your answer.
Your info shows you have a dreambox,so you should understand what it can do, probably better than me.....