is it fair competition?

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sky appears to have beaten off any attempt of the uk govt trying to stop them haveing complete control of the sports watching market. in particular footie (premiership) rugby and cricket and boxing .
With sentanta going broke and ESPN (which i think one of there shareholders is sky/fox) as well as walt disney.. what a bloody farce it is. hold on dont it break govt guildlines ?
What is the govt going to do about it ,before everything in regards to main sports is on sky )pay to view). ahhh nothing ?
Why do we still pay for a tv licence yet we have to in majority of cases have to pay to view. (ie ESPN and sky).
Freesat is still in its infancy and its taken a long while to sort out quality watching.
Freeview will one day go HD but because of the recession HD has been put on hold until probably 2012.
Hopefully for the olympics there will be several dedicated free HD channels showing live events.
I think further intervention by the govt is to put the screws on Sky and pay to view tv as a whole. would certainly like to see more of our licence money going to freeview and freesat rather than the BBC ,who have been accused of bad management and wasteing tax payers money.
Now i hear ITV and possible CH4 and CH5 money will be given to them.

Yes i would admit i have sky this mainly because we live in a poor reception area (as the digital transmissions still have problems ).

Offcourse in the next few years the govt(new govt) will be putting up for tender the old frequencies that annolgue tv is useing . it is thought that the govt will make well over 3 billion on the sale of these.
some of this money will be ploughed into the HD service which i would think by 2015 will HD only . and 3D will be introduced very soon ..
Think that sky intend to push there 3D service well before this .(to include on demand games )I have heard 3d tv sets will be out next year(for the games market only) whether sky goes into the market is a matter of opinion (recession).


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Thankyou for your thoughts.