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I am making polite (yes polite--- erm maybe polite is the wrong word) enquiries regarding rumours circulating the net wit regards to self updating funcards. I have a updating mosc, tit etc and have tried several methods of au funcards, there seem to be rather a lot of old links to do with this particular subject and well so far have been unsuccessful to say the least (seems my missus thinks i am 20 yrs older now, gray hair etc --- if indeed i will have any hair left by the wknd) any help or just a definitive NO would be appreciated, and as i am new to this forum, i would just like to say that i am not new to the realms etc.


Believe it when I see it Admin.
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My Satellite Setup
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If your question is regarding cable, then you need to go to a cable forum, Modshack is a good one, we do not discuss cable here, please see the rules at the top of every section. If it is regarding satellite, then the funcards are pretty much redundant apart from loading CAMs.