is my motor or reciever broke ?



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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this problem. I have my motorised system installed a couple of weekes ago and everything was great ! Until.....

I left the receiver powered on the other night, tuned into a channel and went to bed. Then when i woke up yesterday morning it show "no signal" on the screen.

I have phoned my local installer but he is on holiday till next Tuesday... I was told there isnt anyone else who can help till he gets back.

I powered off the receiver and powered it back on and then took a look at the dish. I noticed that it now moves a degree east then a couple to the west and then just goes backwards and forwards......

Tried changing to a different satellite...but the motor justs swings backwards and forwards.

I've got a Force SCV 516. My local installer installed it with an 80cm dish and a Manhattan HH 120. (Which i understand it Diseqc 1.2).

The reciever has options to "reset lists" and "reset receiver". I've tried reset lists and no joy. I understand the "reset receiver" will start the re-installation wizard so i havent tried this.

Have you any ideas what it could be ? Could the reciever or motor be broke ? Or is it something else ?

PS. I have had to manually programme all of the positions (when it was working). Would it have been better if the installer used a Diseqc 2 motor ? If i need a replacement could you recommend one that can automatically find all the channels and i will let him know.

Many thanks from a sad Bill :-(
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The Force resets by taking information from the satellite data, and so if the dish is not pointing at either Astra or 1W, nothing may happen.

I think the reset is done by unplugging and then pushing the on button immediately the four LEDs are on .

Sorry to hear of the problem, the Force PVR machines do tend to be temperamental with DiSEqC, great looking though.