It’s ok for Nintendo’s Wii Fit to call a 10 year old overweight



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It amazes me how people attack a product when it tells them the truth, The truth hurts sometimes and when Nintendo’s Wii Fit tells a 10 year old that she is overweight, its ok, but the Daily Mail are reporting that its not and even go as far to reword what the Wii Fit really said. The Wii Fit does not use words like “Fat” as reported by the Daily Mail, in fact it would say “overweight” and if that’s the case then we have to exercise more and keep an eye on what we eat.

That’s why the U.S. and UK have many children that are overweight, because we do not like facing up to what is happening to our children and blame a product, when all its trying to-do is help us have a healthier lifestyle and some fun at the same time. My daughter tried the Wii Fit and when it said she was overweight, she run to her room crying. I asked her to come down, and after explaining that she looks good but needs to work out a little and not eat chocolate everyday…my 9-year-old daughter understood and now uses the Wii Fit everyday. This new lifestyle for her of having fun, keeping fit and watching what she eats will carry on into adulthood.

The Nintendo Wii Fit is for children and adults and if so called “Obesity experts” get their way by making parents think “it is not suitable for their offspring”, we could have a much more overweight nation. Just because a child is told she is overweight, does not mean it’s a bad thing, it’s how the parent’s respond to this and what help they give their children. If a child is overweight, we need to help our children live a better lifestyle and not just say, “It could damage children’s body image”.

The fact is the Nintendo Wii fit is telling children and adults all over the UK, U.S. and the rest of world that they are overweight. The reason it is selling out everywhere is because many homes are now keeping fit indoors, just like we have for years with home gyms, but the Wii Fit does a lot more to help keep us all in trim and learn about our balance. Well-done Nintendo.