ITV Digital offers refunds of 50 pence



Today's Guardian reports that ITV Digital customers who lost money on pre-paid subscriptions when the pay-TV firm went bust have been offered refunds of less than 50p - and told they might have to wait two years to be paid!
Apparently liquidator Malcolm Shierson of Grant Thornton has been writing to former customers telling them that they will only receive 2p for every £1 they're owed, and if that wasn't bad enough he's also been advising them that considering the small sums of money involved, it would probably be simpler to pay the cash to charity!
A spokesman for the liquidator said that he was obliged to offer subscribers their refunds, however small they might be.
One subscriber, who was offered a 38p settlement to be credited direct to his bank account instead of the £19 he's owed was told in a letter: 'You should be aware that it may be a considerable period of time, potentially two years, before I will be able to pay a dividend.'
'Most subscribers will only get a dividend of between 50p and £2. As it will cost more than this to pay the dividend and in view of the small amounts likely to be paid we are providing subscribers with the option to donate their dividend to charity, should they wish.'
The subscriber summed up best: 'It's the final insult.'