ITV: new digital line-up



ITV has revealed plans for a family of digital channels. There will be new stations called ITV Kids and ITV3, which will be aimed at a more upmarket viewers and compete with BBC4 and Channel 4. The new channels will see ITV increase its presence in digital homes, where it currently only has its main ITV1 station, ITV News and ITV2.

He said he was "committed" to two new channels. ITV3 will show dramas and more highbrow content than has previously been aired on ITV1. The network will also launch ITV Kids, though this is likely to be a joint venture.

In addition, the new company will explore the case for one or more ITV channels that will show the same programmes as ITV1 but at different times - for instance ITV+1, which would replicate the ITV1 schedule one hour later. The new services rely on repackaging existing ITV content and promoting the new channels from the mass-market ITV1 station. This strategy has proved successful with ITV2.

One or more of these stations should be available on Freeview, the digital terrestrial service and the new services should also come to homes that subscribe to satellite or cable television.