ITV. They just dont give up!



Following ITV/ITV2s broadcast on digital, i thought id show u this funny thing i found on the website. theyre still trying to peddle their pathetic itv digital:
There are, however a number of programmes that are still unavailable on ITV1 through the Sky Digital service. This is because the digital satellite service is technically unable to show all the regional services ITV1 broadcasts.


What?? Techinally what??? its not that at all! ITs just that they havent got the brains between them to let it work. the bbc manage it. There should be no difference between tecnhical capacity of either. if anything.. satellite it better!!!

and then :

"You should also be aware that the full ITV1 regional service with the added benefits of the digital offering, available through your aerial, is available with ITV Digital. If you are interested please call the Sales Information Line on 0808 100 0101."

this is quite pathetic.. awww.

"I’m still not happy. Is there an alternative? top
We can send you details of ITV Digital which will enable you to get your full ITV regional service with the added benefits of the digital offering.. and all through your normal aerial!"


O well. It just shows how grudgingly they did this. But they have to, and now it gives people no reason not to switch to sky. ITV digital is dying now i think.. it was a bit of a stupid move for ITV really.
What do u think?