ITV1 Granada

My Satellite Setup
comeg Porty 2

P4 3.2
My Location
Hello, excuse my ignorance on this subject but i am new to all of this.

I have just bought a "free to air" system from Ebay for my Caravan. Its a Porty 11 Comag Portable system. with a small plastic dish, it all comes in a plastic carry case.

I have it all installed and used my sat finder to tune it in to Astra2 but for the life of me I can't get itv 1 Granada region. I have all the other regions of itv but not this one.

Is Astra 2D the same as Astra 2 Sat.?
any ideas from you seasoned vets please.
I live in the Blackpool area of Lancashire and was trying from this location to setup the system.

thanks Flack