ITV2 new look from Monday



The logo will use the opposite colours to that of ITV1 - a "flipside" as bosses have described it. In other words, what is blue on the current logo will be yellow on the enw ITV2 logo, and what is now yellow will become blue.

In addition, five sub-brands will be created. These will be:

re:play Indicating a rerun of an ITV1 programme on ITV2
x:clusive An ITV2 original programme or acquisition
x:tra Spin-off ITV2 prgramming from an ITV1 show
un:cut An ITV1 show with exclusive unseen footage only being shown on ITV2
v:i:p Behind the scenes coverage of ITV events

The new look has been created by the same firm, Bruce Dunlop and Associates, which produced the new look ITV indents last year.