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I've lost my wife


aka Skyman
My Satellite Setup
3m(28.2E),1.5m(19.2E.13E,10E),1m (4W ,7W)1m (?).diseqc 10,sky plus,VU+,telergy iptv.
Satlook nit colour + Horizon hdsm.
My Location
Limassol, Sunny Cyprus
Two men in an airport bump into each other.
The first man says 'I can't find my wife'
The second replies 'I can't find mine either,
what does yours look like?'
"Well", the first man replies, she's 5ft10,
blonde, big boobs, wearing a mini skirt
and high heels. What does yours look like?'
"**** her", says the second man,
"Let's look for yours".