Jazeera and the Arabiya



The Jazeera, the famous channel to satellitare Arabic with its base in the Qatar did not imagine that a competition would have been therefore strong. However, after a month of transmissions, Al-Arabiya, the new television channel to satellitare dedicated to the created Arabic information to Dubai, has conquered the Arabic television public. Al-Arabiya has been born in order to defeat Al-Jazeera. Founded in order to offer, second the intention of its direction, a "alternative balanced" to the Arabic viewers who "endure the infuence" of the issuing one to satelittare of the Qatar. Wings Al-Hadithi, president of the Saudi society for the Ash-Sharq information al-Awsat (owner of Al-Arabiya, MBC and MBC2) has stated in an interview with the published Arabic daily paper to London, AlArab, in which he explains . "We will offer to the Arab public a reasonable, free and balanced alternative, that it will guarantee an other possibility of chosen in following the events, supplying news without infuences and falsification". Al-Hadithi promises insomma that "the channel will be saldamente legacy to the information freedom", clearing that "us they have not been limitations to this freedom, on condition that is responsible, and that the arguments are reasonable", making reference those "less reasonable ones" that are kept on Al-Jazeera. From the beginning of its activity in 1996, the channel of the Qatar, ready to interview all the parts in cause in the conflicts, also most extremist, it has often provoked the irritation of several Arabic organizations that have expressed their resentment until recalling the own representatives from Doha. Al-Hadithi announces then that Al-Arabiya will be in competition also with the massmedia foreign that they address to the Arabic Countries, in particular after the 11 september 2001, like the radio Sawa American, the Israeli satellitari nets (that they transmit also in Arab), and the programs Americans and Iranians in Arabic language. Al-Arabiya, that it has chosen like center the city of Dubai, but already has trentuno offices of correspondence in a position to covering the all over the world Arabic information, included the Iraq and the Palestinian Territories, but also in Israel and the United States. The new channel, that it had begun to transmit with average of twelve hours every day, from 3 March .

Translated from Italian web.