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Js-Edit 1.6


Regular Member
Hi all
I've just finished my Js-Edit 1.6 and it's on line on www.satnews.it .
I'me proud to announce it here 'cause I've discovered that a lot of people just use many little utilities to read firmware, send firmware edit channel but few people knows that with my program has all THESE FEATURES and many others.
First af all JsEdit is compatible with Homecast (EmTech) receiver among the world as Jepssen, EmTech, Starsat, Kristal and many other brands: the program is able to

-up/download settings/firmware
-Load save settings file (.jep)
-Editing channels/satellite
-Manage favouries
-Import from other settings file/DVB format
-Export to DVB format or to text file
-Multilangiage support

From version 1.6

- STARSAT MODE using SoftCam.Key files instead of .hex.

Hope you'll like it